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south city
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radio city, sat and sun

#6143 3 years, 7 months ago
The Further they go the better they get. Jerry must have an ear to ear smile. Two great shows, Sunday was sooooo good it will be hard to beat. See you at SHORLINE, South City Dead-A-head..
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#6261 3 years, 7 months ago
I have only 1 question regarding the Sunday night show -

What's become of the MUSIC??
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#6659 3 years, 7 months ago


Mna it was a blast the city so awsome to hang out see stuff but the shows blew our minds whats become of the baby was my fav!!!!!!! come to the times unon old knock for a 3 dayer in the fall in albany I am making a wish guys you will filler up!!!!!

Let It SHIIIINE !!!!!!!!!!
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#6679 3 years, 7 months ago
Jeff on "Eclipse"!!!!
saw Sat/Sun....

very happy with both shows...

3 fukin' encores on Sunday.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#7219 3 years, 7 months ago
I thought Sunday's show was great. Many times I'm not a huge fan of special guests, but I thought this one nailed it on the head. E. Costello sang with real heart, and it's always good to see Larry Campbell and T. Williams. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw them onstage with Bob and Phil, and it might have been in Philadelphia a couple years back.

NYC is always fun, and I look forward to the next time.

See you in Hampton..
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#7246 3 years, 7 months ago
rcmh was a great run def. one of the best i've heard so far.
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#7922 3 years, 7 months ago
Def have to agree Sunday Nights show was once in a lifetime. Just blew me away my feet never touched the ground once. Triple encore. 4 me one of the most memorable show yet. Keep them coming guys. The lights at R.C were great even though I had my eyes closed the whole time. Thank you again for the wonderful memory that me and my wife will share forever.
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#7981 3 years, 7 months ago
not that I was disappointed with Diana, Elivs, Larry & Teresa, but I wondering if anyone from ABB would show up being that they wound up the Beacon run on sat. the only show I saw at Best Buy was 3/13 and I did have it in the back of my mind, wondering if anyone from ABB would show then being it was an off night for them. and lo and behold, Warren appeared.
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#8175 3 years, 7 months ago
Would have loved to have seen that show! Elvis Costello is in my top 3 favs, along with the GD (Furthur/The Dead/Other Ones/P&F) and Richard Thompson, to see live. Just ordered the CD, as I have heard from others that the concert was just amazing.

Goin' to see Furthur next week in Orlando and then Boca, wish Elvis would show up there. Either way, I am sure the shows will rock and I will shake my bones!
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Re: radio city, sat and sun

#9553 3 years, 6 months ago
Had to skip Saturday, but loved both the Friday (got my Eyes of the World fix) and Sunday shows (so many guests can go either way, but thought this group worked well) for different reasons. I'm sure I'm showing my age by saying so, but there are very few bands that I would go out of my way to see every tour, but I will consistently turn out to see Furthur, Levon Helm, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan whenever I have the opportunity to do so.
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